Zac's Rudy Project Wingspan helmet

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As used in the movie!

This is the helmet Zac wears during filming. It has been never been worn outside or in a race. Still in near new condition.

Designed with the aide of legendary aerodynamics guru John Cobb, the new Wing57™ has undergone extensive wind tunnel testing to become the best TT helmet on the market. Through this testing, Rudy Project and Cobb developed a unique tail geometry that works best for all TT positions and back profiles. Proven to beat out most competing aero helmets in time simulations, the Wing57™ will be, without question, the best aero helmet on the market throughout the triathlon and cycling worlds.

    • CPSC 12.03 Safety Certification
    • Fastex Buckle Closure System
    • Removable & Adjustable Comfort Head Ring
    • Removable Magnetic Jetstream
    • Removable Vent Covers
    • Flow Through Air Vents
    • Adjustable RSR7 Retention System Comfort Fit


The rudy project wingspan white-silver helmet 2016 stands out for its versatility and its aerodynamics and is specially designed for chrono, triathlon and Ironman.

It is manufactured with materials and technologies, providing a lightweight helmet that ensures high performance. this helmet has the technology in mold, which is the injection of foam in the mold containing the housing to create a very rigid and resistant to impacts, yet light structure.

On the other hand, it ensures excellent ventilation thanks to its tunnel of wind and great slots. it also has a system of adjustable retention according to the conditions or the type of route.

In addition, this piece comes with the technology retention system, a rotating disc lien and slippers, special protective wings and the rear with transverse holes for fixing straps thus giving hull's perfect fit and stability. wingspan helmet includes two front covers with mesh for triathlon and a removable tail cover.


  • helmet especially for chrono, triathlon and ironman
  • lightness
  • high resistance to impacts
  • excellent ventilation
  • adjustable retention system
  • perfect fit
  • stability
  • weight: 290 g